The development of APRICOT will address the major challenges associated with osteoarthritis of the small joints:

  • Minimal invasive treatment without need for bone removal or ligament sacrifice
  • Restoration of the original kinematics of the joint
  • Reduction of long-term use of pain medication, which can cause complications such as liver and renal failure
  • Decrease of post-op healthcare costs and potential mental health issues resulting from feelings of isolation and withdrawal from society
  • Ultimately enabling patients to return to work and contribute to their community


Project Objectives for development of an implant (APRICOT) for treatment of osteoarthritis of the small joints:

  • Create the mechanical, geometric, biological and regulatory implant design requirements
  • Design extremely thin, self-lubricating compliant implant and required fixation system
  • Develop an implantation strategy
  • Establish manufacturing process and automation
  • Test subcomponent and full implant and develop test protocols