AURORA Medical Ltd

Aurora Medical Ltd (AURORA) is an Innovative, Research and Development Company operating in the medical orthopaedic field. Aurora Medical, a spin out organisation from a recognised World leader in the field of advanced Implant development was established by Dr Andy Taylor, the company team have experience and expertise in the design of innovative orthopaedic devices (implants and instruments).

AURORA specialises in the design and development of medical devices, with a particular focus on innovative engineering solutions.

For the cutting edge APRICOT project AURORA’s role will be as scientific and technical partner. Based on clinical evidence this role will encompass developing the mechanical requirements of the APRICOT implant WP1, producing the implant and test specimen designs WP2 and establishing instrumentation designs and an appropriate operative technique WP3. The AURORA team possesses extensive experience in device design /verification issues and requirements as well as an in depth understanding of applied biomechanics and device performance based on previous innovative developments. AURORA are also responsible, together with SOUTHAMPTON, for the preparation of mechanical test protocols for performance verification in addition to the design and manufacture of a small joint rig for kinematic study WP6. AURORA has a wide network of orthopaedic clinician contacts and have worked in particular with consultant orthaopedic and trauma surgeons at Southampton Hospital. Significantly, AURORA possesses a strong track record in intellectual property protection which will be critical for this new concept in device development in WP8.

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United Kingdom